This Girl Can

This Girl Can is a celebration of the active women who are doing their thing no matter how they do it, how they look or even how sweaty they get!

This Girl Can is a sassy celebration of active women everywhere and proves that whatever your size, ability or previous experience, sport can be a fun and enjoyable part of our lives.

42,000 women have got moving with Workplace Challenge - Since 2014, 42,000 women have got themselves and their workplace active with Workplace Challenge logging over 1.5 million activities and travelling more than 5 million miles to date!


Hannah Harper-Newman from Nelson's Journey in Norfolk has enjoyed taking part in the Active Lunch Challenge and said,

"It's been great taking part in the Active Lunch Challenge – logging activities is so motivational and I'm much more productive in the afternoon having been for a walk at lunch. It's also been wonderful taking part in more activities as a team and, most importantly, is really fun!"

Angie Porter from NHS Telford & Wrekin said,

"I joined the Workplace Challenge as at work I am sat down at my desk the majority of time and was aware that I was not doing enough exercise. I have found the activity tracker has helped incentivise me to do additional exercise, giving me a weekly target to work to and encouraging me to increase the amount of activity I am doing, not only at work, but outside of work too. I feel this is helping both my physical and mental wellbeing."

Jo Ross from KHR Recruitment Specialists in Kent said,

"I have enjoyed the Active Lunch challenge, it has introduced a competition in the workplace and definitely helps with the afternoon slump. I make sure I walk 20-30 mins every lunch time plus it encouraged me to walk further at the weekends, with my dog. We then compare distances at work on a Monday. I have taken on one of my walks, I am very fortunate to be surrounded by beautiful countryside."

Lily Yates from Seven Stones in London was an winner of a pair of trainers courtesy of DW Sports & Fitness and said,

"Thank you Workplace Challenge and DW Sports & Fitness for my new trainers. I am putting them to good use by lunging into lunchtime. I now feel more energised and alert for a more productive afternoon."

How to get involved in Workplace Challenge and bite size activity ideas

Get started today

  • Sign up and create your own Workplace Challenge profile
  • Set yourself targets. Use our target feature to create your own personal targets to motivate you to get moving.
  • Search for activities in your local area to try something different as well as great offers from our core partners.
  • Log your activities to earn points. Be rewarded for getting active, points mean prizes!
  • Track your progress and see how far you've come by checking out the activities you've logged and check to see if you've reached your personal target.
  • Share your successes and failures with others just like you by linking your Workplace Challenge profile with your social media profile. By sharing with your friends your journey, you are more likely to keep going and inspire others to get moving too!

No time like the present sign up to Workplace Challenge and get warmed up for the Active Workplace Challenge!

Sarah Harvey from Northamptonshire Sport explains how...

Lunch time table tennis anyone?

Taking the stairs is a great way to fit some activity into your working day

This Girl Can: Women Only Leaderboard

Ladies! Celebrate how much sport or physical activity you do by logging it on the Workplace Challenge. Click the link to see how all the women are doing:

This Girl Can is a national campaign designed to encourage more women and girls to get active. The campaign is funded by Sport England and the National Lottery.