Thank You! The CSPN Workplace Challenge is now complete

Thank you for your support for Workplace Challenge. The programme had an amazing 4 years and CSP Network are extremely grateful to all 75,000 individuals from the many thousands of workplaces across England that embraced the challenge of adding more activity in and around the working day.

Thanks to the great work of County Sports Partnerships, with your support the profile for physical activity at work has been raised and independent research from Loughborough University helped to build the evidence base.

What's Next?

A number of CSP's will be offering their residents the ability to continue recording activity via their websites using a SportSuite Activity Tracker tool. This tool enables you to pull in your existing Workplace Challenge data as well as link up with wearable/app technology to track any new activities such as Strava or Fitbit. Please use the map below to see if your local CSP is using SportSuite Activity Tracker yet.

CSP Network will also be launching a new model for workplace physical activity soon with a range to tools and resources to help employers and particularly workplace champions to make active working the norm. That new model will include a workplace physical activity accreditation, employer needs assessment tool, employee survey tool and champion training seminars. If you have any questions please contact Andrew Watson on

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