Terms & Conditions


  1. County Sports Partnership Network is a national charity with the mission of, "Transforming lives through sport and physical activity" and the vision of, "An active lifestyle is the social norm for everyone". We are a not for profit organisation and the Workplace Challenge aligns to our vision and mission by tackling inactivity in workplaces in our work with partners and employers to make active working the norm. For more information about CSP Network please see www.cspnetwork.org
  2. County Sports Partnership Network (CSP Network) Workplace Challenge was developed with funding from Sport England and is delivered by County Sports Partnerships (CSPs).
  3. CSP Network Workplace Challenge is independently evaluated by the School of Sport Exercise & Health Sciences at Loughborough University.
  4. The Challenge is open to people aged 16 or over who are employed at workplaces based within participating County Sports Partnership (CSP) areas. To check if your workplace is in an area with a participating CSP please enter your workplace post code using the 'Find your workplace' function or click on the map at www.workplacechallenge.org.uk
  5. By registering or by completing the registration form on the website, registrants confirm that they have read and agree to be bound by these terms and conditions, privacy policy and cookies policy.

Participants’ health and safety

  1. Before taking part in sport and physical activity participants should; Prepare and train properly for their activity, warm up and cool down properly before and after an event, seek medical advice if they have any doubts about their ability to take part in any activity, take particular care if they are undertaking intensive physical activity of a type, or at a level, which is new to them, always be aware of the safety of other participants, spectators and the general public.
  2. CSP Network recommend that participants who are planning to become more physically active than they are now should complete a Physical Activity Readiness Questionnaire (https://www.nasm.org/docs/default-source/PDF/nasm_par-q-(pdf-21k).pdf) and if required seek medical advice before commencing an exercise programme.
  3. All participants take part in the CSP Network Workplace Challenge at their own risk. All participants must ensure that the bicycles/ or any other sports equipment they ride/ use are in a roadworthy condition/ safe and must observe the rules of the Highway Code/ or meet recognised safety standards for the chosen sport/ activity. All participants must ensure that they follow good/ safe practice and wear relevant protective clothing for any sport or physical activity they choose to participate in.
  4. Neither the project partners or any sponsors or promoters of the CSP Network Workplace Challenge accept responsibility for any incident, accident or injury sustained or property damaged in the course of anyone's participation in the Challenge.


  1. Registration is free via the CSP Network Workplace Challenge website www.workplacechallenge.org.uk.
  2. To register an organisation you must have approval from your organisation's management to do so.
  3. An organisation is defined as an employer i.e. not a club or group of friends.
  4. Upon registration, an organisation or department will be classified as an organisation of staff employed by the registered organisation or department.
  5. Organisations and departments with 1 or 2 employees can register into the Challenge. Team members will be eligible to win spot prizes, but the organisation will not be eligible to win an organisation prize.
  6. Once an organisation is registered, individuals from that organisation or department may register as part of that organisation.

Business Registration

  1. Company Administrators confirm that as part of the application on behalf of their business, they have authority to act on behalf of their business to register the company and invite employees to join the Workplace Challenge.
  2. Company Administrators confirm they are the main point of contact for Workplace Challenge at their company
  3. Company Administrators agree to inform Workplace Challenge of any changes regarding the point of contact and company structure.
  4. The employer/ business of Company Administrators agrees to pay the fee of £150+VAT by invoice. This fee includes a consultation with the businesses local County Sports Partnership together with the items outlined on the Business Registration page.

Activity Log

  1. Participants will gain points for each of the activities logged on the website or app.
  2. For details of the 2018 Active Workplace Challenge which ran from 8th January to 4th March 2018 please click here.
  3. CSP Network reserve the right to check the authenticity of points logged for the CSPN Workplace Challenge.
  4. Points cannot be logged for activity performed as part of your work i.e. a teacher cannot log PE lessons or a coach cannot include contracted coaching (only voluntary). Users can however track daily activity such as steps which may be accumulated throughout the working day.
  5. Individuals must be employed by a business to have their points assigned to that business.
  6. A valid activity for diary entry is defined as a participant who takes part in sport or physical activity and logs the activity on the Workplace Challenge website.
  7. A valid active travel trip is defined as a participant making a journey for transport purposes by means of physical activity e.g. walking, jogging, running or cycling. Active travel trips do not include use of motorcycles, scooters or stationary cycles.
  8. Active travel trips and activity must be logged via www.workplacechallenge.org.uk or the Workplace Challenge app. If activity and trips are not logged in this way, they cannot contribute to the organisation's results.
  9. Organisations and individuals may continue to log activity and utilise the site throughout the year including the option to participate in local CSP challenges, Competition Programme and Business Games events.
  10. CSP Network Workplace Challenge shall not be held responsible for any late, incomplete, corrupted or incorrect registrations as a result of any software or hardware failure, postal delay or otherwise.
  11. Participants can continue to utilise the Workplace Challenge platform, app, associated leaderboards and functionality to participate in the annual activity log, national and local challenges.


  1. Any prizes relating to the CSP Network Workplace Challenge exclude the employees and their immediate families of CSP Network, Sport England, CSPs their partners, agents or anyone professionally connected with this promotion.
  2. CSP Network Workplace Challenge reserves the right to withdraw, reallocate or substitute any prizes for a prize of an equal or greater value where the promoters deem it necessary.
  3. CSP Network Workplace Challenge's decision is final and binding and no correspondence shall be entered into.

Data Protection Statement

For information about personal information and data protection please see our privacy policy.

Email Opt Out

  1. To opt out of receiving communications from CSP Network Workplace Challenge or the project partners at any time, you can email info@workplacechallenge.org.uk
  2. Alternatively, you can click on the 'unsubscribe' link on any email communication received or edit preferences in the my dashboard/ account area of the website.

Website disclaimer

CSP Network Workplace Challenge reserves the right to modify the information contained on and functionality of this site at anytime without notice. This site, all information and materials on it and all functionality are provided to you "as is" without warranty of any kind. CSP Network Workplace Challenge is not liable for loss or damage of any kind due to inaccuracy, omission or error.

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