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The Run to Remember Challenge

You may be aware of events in Manchester in September 2012 where two unarmed Police Officers were shot following a routine burglary call. Bryn Hughes, the father of PC Nicola Hughes, one of the victims of the shooting has launched the "Run to Remember" campaign to raise money for the 'PC Nicola Hughes Memorial Fund'.

Part of the campaign is for Police officers around the country to take part in a 125-day running challenge in memory of their two colleagues murdered in Greater Manchester. Officers from forces around the country were challenged to clock up 250 miles (400km) of running and walking between 1st Nov 2013 and 4th April 2014.

On 9th April 2014, Bryn Hughes, along with his good friend Robert Stapleton, then completed the campaign by taking part in the North Pole Marathon!

All the money raised went to three charities; North West Police Benevolent Fund, and Care of Police Survivors (which look after current and retired officers and their families when they are in need) and Victim Support (which assists victims of crime.)

Although the Run to Remember challenge ended, the Police Officers are still welcome to use this website to log their sport and physical activity online.

The Workplace Challenge

The CSPN National Workplace Challenge is a FREE web tool where individuals can log their levels of sport and physical activity online to gain points and win prizes. The Challenge is rolling out across England in phases from January 2014 - starting with 25 County Sports Partnerships (CSP) and progressing to all 49 over the next 3 years.

Police Officers can log ANY ACTIVITY to keep a personal record of their fitness - but all running and walking logged will automatically appear on the 'Run to Remember' leaderboard.

Police Officers that are based in a CSP area that is part of phase one/two, are also automatically added to their CSP workplace challenge website with the chance to win prizes and take part in inter-workplace sporting competitions.

British Heart Foundation

Please note that the CSPN Workplace Challenge is supported by the British Heart Foundation who are undertaking research on activity habits, therefore you will be asked to complete a survey on registration. All data captured is kept completely anonymous and is used to help fund this website (making it free to use).