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Active 10 app helps adults get active this summer, starting with just 10 minutes of brisk walking

Mon, 04 Jun 2018

Summer is the perfect time of year to spend a little more time outside and to be more active, but the busy nature of modern life means that it is often difficult to fit physical activity into our days.

Healthy body, Healthy mind?

Fri, 25 May 2018 10:18

We were delighted to see so much positive discussion and action being taken around Mental Health Awareness Week with a focus on tackling stress. You don't need us to tell you that a healthy body leads to a healthy mind and that physical activity is proven to lower the risk of mental health problems and stress...but we will anyway - it really does!

Taking action on mental health in the workplace can be confusing and knowing where to start with what's often seen as a sensitive issue can be difficult. Here's our top tips and ideas for further information about mental health and physical activity at work.


1. Talk - Get the conversation going and start talking about mental health positively in terms of celebrating good mental health in the same way we celebrate good physical health. Don't back away from the challenges either - be open and encourage people to talk about how they're feeling (just ask how they are) and not to be shy of asking for support. Why not take some time out to walk and talk or get a conversation going over a table tennis table?

2. Every minute counts - Bite size chunks of time out and activity are a great way to recharge, refocus, get your recommended 150 minutes of physical activity per week. Just a short break can improve concentration and boost productivity. Employers can make a huge difference to employees mental and physical wellbeing simply by providing the flexibility for employees to take time out. Why not make your next break an active break?

3. Culture - What's the culture like at your workplace? Undoubtedly very busy and often with colleagues feeling the pressure and showing signs of stress. Why not reflect on the culture at your workplace? Make a plan for creating a culture where people talk openly about mental health and where everyone can take the time to look after their body and mind with bite size activity in and around the working day? You don't need to change the world just do what you can – small steps will add up to make a big difference - change happens one room at a time!


Here's some useful links with further reading and ideas to help you and your workplace to boost wellbeing:

Business in the Community – Toolkits have been produced in partnership with Public Health England to help employers take action on mental health and physical activity.

Loop at work – Table Tennis England believe that the most happy, healthy, successful and well connected people make time to play every day - http://www.keepintheloop.co.uk/work

Mental Health Foundation - How to encourage good mental health in the workplace - https://www.mentalhealth.org.uk/our-work/mental-health-workplace

Mind - Stress can stop people performing at their best. Mind are here to help - https://www.mind.org.uk/workplace/

Not a Red Card Offence - In many sports a Red Card is the ultimate punishment for bad or inappropriate behaviour. Legal & General are using its symbolism to help lift the mental health taboo and encourage more employers to take action to tackle the stigma surrounding workplace mental health - https://www.legalandgeneral.com/notaredcard/

#runandtalk - supported by Mind, the mental health charity, and aims to improve mental health through running - https://runtogether.co.uk/running-support/mental-health-champions/

Sport England - Everyone has mental health – and evidence shows that the benefits of physical activity on our wellbeing are profound - https://www.sportengland.org/our-work/mental-health/why-we-invest-in-mental-health/

Sport & Recreation Alliance – Sport, Society and mental health podcast - The sport sector's action around mental health to date, the role of the workplace in supporting our wellbeing and the scope for wider engagement with public health. Click here to listen.

Swim England – The health and wellbeing benefits of swimming - http://www.swimming.org/swimengland/health-and-wellbeing-benefits-of-swimming/

Walking for Health - A good walk can do wonders for your mental wellbeing - https://www.walkingforhealth.org.uk/get-walking/why-walk/healthy-minds

Workplace Mental Health Support Service - This free and confidential service, delivered by Remploy and funded by the Department for Work and Pensions is available to any employees with depression, anxiety, stress or other mental health issues affecting their work - https://www.remploy.co.uk/about-us/current-programmes/workplace-mental-health-support-service

Don't forget to share the learning about your workplaces journey for healthy bodies, healthy minds and healthy workplace with @WorkplaceChall.

Fancy your chances in a 350m indoor rowing race?

Tue, 22 May 2018 14:33

Get involved in the Go Row Indoor Power8 Sprints Gym challenge!

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The Run to Remember Challenge

You may be aware of events in Manchester in September 2012 where two unarmed Police Officers were shot following a routine burglary call. Bryn Hughes, the father of PC Nicola Hughes, one of the victims of the shooting has launched the "Run to Remember" campaign to raise money for the 'PC Nicola Hughes Memorial Fund'.

Part of the campaign is for Police officers around the country to take part in a 125-day running challenge in memory of their two colleagues murdered in Greater Manchester. Officers from forces around the country were challenged to clock up 250 miles (400km) of running and walking between 1st Nov 2013 and 4th April 2014.

On 9th April 2014, Bryn Hughes, along with his good friend Robert Stapleton, then completed the campaign by taking part in the North Pole Marathon!

All the money raised went to three charities; North West Police Benevolent Fund, and Care of Police Survivors (which look after current and retired officers and their families when they are in need) and Victim Support (which assists victims of crime.)

Although the Run to Remember challenge ended, the Police Officers are still welcome to use this website to log their sport and physical activity online.

The Workplace Challenge

The CSPN National Workplace Challenge is a FREE web tool where individuals can log their levels of sport and physical activity online to gain points and win prizes. The Challenge is rolling out across England in phases from January 2014 - starting with 25 County Sports Partnerships (CSP) and progressing to all 49 over the next 3 years.

Police Officers can log ANY ACTIVITY to keep a personal record of their fitness - but all running and walking logged will automatically appear on the 'Run to Remember' leaderboard.

Police Officers that are based in a CSP area that is part of phase one/two, are also automatically added to their CSP workplace challenge website with the chance to win prizes and take part in inter-workplace sporting competitions.

British Heart Foundation

Please note that the CSPN Workplace Challenge is supported by the British Heart Foundation who are undertaking research on activity habits, therefore you will be asked to complete a survey on registration. All data captured is kept completely anonymous and is used to help fund this website (making it free to use).