What is Go Row Indoor?

Go Row Indoor is British Rowing's new indoor rowing program, aiming to get everyone rowing whether it be for fun, fitness or competition.

By supporting more people to get active through our Go Row Indoor initiative, we can help workplaces live a healthier, active lives.

Why Indoor Rowing?

Anyone can start indoor rowing, regardless of your shape, size, age, fitness level or height. It provides a total body workout using 85 to 90 per cent of muscles and is brilliant for core strength. It is low impact, so perfect for anyone with joint problems or for cross-training and it is highly efficient in terms of fat burning – you can burn 300 calories in 30 minutes. Indoor rowing is the perfect workout.

How can I take part in Indoor Rowing?

Indoor rowing offers a range of technology apps, beginner to advanced training plans, challenges, charity events and exercise class workouts. More information about indoor rowing, why it is the perfect exercise, and how to get the most out of your workout can be found on the dedicated indoor rowing section on the British Rowing website.

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How do I get started?

If you are new to indoor rowing and want to know more about how to get started onto a machine, check out the British Rowing technique video with Alex Gregory (Double Olympic Champion).

Indoor Rowing Technique Video:

Check out British Rowing's new workout video

Indoor Rowing 20 minute Workout Video

Now you have the basics, row along, in the gym or at home, with British Rowing's first ever 20 minute Go Row Indoor exercise video.

This 20 minute workout is designed to bring fun, variety and challenge to anyone working out on an indoor rowing machine, in the gym or at home. You can watch it while you row and on screen instructions mean you can use it with or without sound.

Why not have a go at this easy to follow Go Row Indoor class?

To help get more people active through indoor rowing, British Rowing has developed a new training suite for fitness professionals which includes this 20 minute class as part of the Go Row Indoor programme. British Rowing is also working with gym operators across the country with the aim of making indoor rowing classes as commonplace on timetables as spin or circuits.

Download the Live Rowing app

Live Rowing in partnership with British Rowing has developed an exciting new app for indoor rowing. This free to download app is designed to make working out on an indoor rowing machine more interactive and exciting. Check out the video here:

The app can be connected to any PM5 Concept2 rowing machine via Bluetooth connection or via a wire for PM3 and PM4 machines. More information can be found here:

Row against friends, work colleagues or other people or businesses from across the world. Analyse your workouts or take part in featured workouts uploaded by British Rowing. This app is very beginner friendly and a great way to enhance your experience on the indoor rowing machine.

For more information and to download the app click here:

How to hire an indoor rowing machine

Concept2 is able to provide indoor rowing machines to workplaces on a rental basis. The cost of hiring machines is as follows:

For each indoor rowing machine there is a £60 charge to cover the cost of admin, delivery and collection. In addition, the rental fee for each machine would be £10 per week.

Two machines for 8 weeks would be £280 (£60 x 2 machines for admin/ delivery/ collection) + (8 weeks x 2 machines x £10 per week rental fee). 

Concept2 has indicated that it would be necessary to pay in advance (although you can ask them to invoice your workplace as we recognise this may not be viable) and keep hold of the packaging the machines arrive in. When the time comes to return machines, Concept2 will arrange for a courier to collect them. Each office will then need to put the machines back in their boxes that they originally arrived in.

At the end of the agreed rental period, if an office decides that they want to buy the machines then the rental fees would be subtracted from the retail price (which is £860 including VAT for a Model D) and an invoice issued for the balance.

Indoor Rowing machine hire can be organised directly with Alex Dunne at Concept2. Email: for more information.

Want to know more or need some help to get your workplace rowing?

For more information on how to use the indoor rowing machine or how to improve your indoor rowing technique, Check out the Go Row Indoor web pages on the British Rowing website at

For more information on how your workplace can get involved please contact

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