About Workplace Challenge Champion Training

In partnership with the British Heart Foundation, the Workplace Challenge has coordinated a series of training sessions focusing on how to improve the health and wellbeing of your organisation's workforce.

Become a Workplace Challenge Champion to gain valuable resources and support to help improve the lives of your colleagues.


The annual economic costs of sickness absence associated with working age ill-health are estimated to be over £100 billion. Around 160 million working days were lost due to absence in 2012, costing the UK economy £14 billion a year.


Get your workplace more active;

  • increase productivity,
  • improve morale,
  • reduce absenteeism and presenteeism,
  • improve communication/ networking between colleagues and departments,
  • increase staff retention,
  • have more fun and socialise with your colleagues!

UK employers can give themselves a competitive edge as healthy employees can be up to three times more productive than those in poor health.

How can you help?

Become a Workplace Challenge Champion and help your workplace to realise the benefits of a healthy and active workforce!

What champions say about the training

"Excellent way to get ideas to take back to the workplace"

"All trainers worked well and in a professional manner"