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Bite size activity is chunks of 10 minute physical activity that can easily be done in and around the working day.

From grabbing colleagues to head out for a midday mile to a quick game of table tennis in the boardroom, taking the stairs instead of the lift to cycling to work – every 10 minutes count.

Below are a few examples of bite-size activity:

• Tussle over table tennis – Order an instant Ping set from Table Tennis England and enjoy a quick game of table tennis in the boardroom!
• Office aerobics – Google office aerobics and get your arms and legs going to get the blood pumping.
• Make it a mobile meeting – Pace pavements with your colleagues to get the ideas flowing.
• Keepy uppy challenge – Challenge your colleagues to a keepy uppy challenge!
• Midday Mile – Make it social, rally the troops for a Midday Mile.
• Swop the lift for the stairs – Simple but effective!
• Racket rally – grab a racket and see how many 'mes you can hit the shuttle cock between yourself and a colleague in a minute.
• Step up – Set a target of a number of steps each working day and challenge your colleagues to compete.
• Putting competition – Get your hands on a golf club, couple of golf balls and some plastic cups & get putting!
• Dance off – Check out Exercise Move and Dance's 'All around the office workout' challenge a colleague to take part!
• Office orienteering – A treasure hunt in the office! Solve clues to find your prize!
• Press up or plank challenge – how many can you do or how long you can hold a plank for?
The opportunities are endless, remember the activity needs to be accessible, convenient, and easy to do! We look forward to seeing your ideas!

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