Helen Spilsted of Murrayfield Primary Schoool in Suffolk was inspired to join the Workplace Challenge following her healthy lifestyle drive to increase the amount of exercise she was doing and to loose some weight.

Helen said...

"Life is so much better with regular exercise and a healthier diet. I have more energy and feel better all round. At my heaviest my feet ached, I snored, I had heartburn and I have now cured all of those things with a little help from the Workplace Challenge!"


Brookside Group Practice in Berkshire organise an annual 'Brookside Challenge' designed to encourage their staff to be more active. With 100+ staff it is important this challenge is challenging enough! Previous examples have included; cycling the distance equal to the circumference of Britain, swimming the distance equal to a return journey across the Channel and walking a marathon for charity.

Anna who helped to coordinate the challenge said...

'We have definitely felt the buzz of competitiveness around the practice since we started! Several people have commented that they weren't going to go for a walk, cycle or similar but then they thought about the challenge and decided to go for it.'

'The Workplace Challenge website has provided us with a great tool to moni-tor miles travelled and keeps motivation levels up as individuals can see how much their colleagues have contributed to the distance.'

'For previous challenges I had used spreadsheets to monitor progress and relied on colleagues to email me their activity. With the Workplace Challenge website, other than encouraging staff to register it doesn't require much of my time to manage, plus it works out the total distance and presents individ-uals on a leader board which helps encourage the competitiveness! '

The results...

146 individuals from Brookside Group practice registered with the challenge and by the 19th of July, 2 million activity points had been accumulated (40,000 miles) which means their 'Around the World in 80 days' was achieved!