Top Tips to get Cycling

  • Book in for an MOT - If you have a bike already but it has been collecting dust in the garage, take it to a bike shop for an MOT. This will make you more reassured when you jump back on the saddle that everything is in working order.
  • Get yourself the right safety gear - A helmet is essential, along with bike lights. High-vis clothing may be worthwhile if you know you are going to be cycling early in the morning/late at night. Invest in a solid D-lock, and think carefully about where you can park your bike safely.
  • If you don't know the route to work, try it out at the weekend so that come Monday morning you know where to go.
  • Let's Ride - If you want to start cycling for fun outside of your commute, why not join a Breeze or Let's Ride cycle group? These are free, led rides organised by British Cycling. Find a ride near you:
  • Get some cycle training if you think you need it, especially if you haven't cycled for a long time.
  • If anyone from your workplace already cycles why not ask them about the routes they do, or whether you could tag along.