North East Better Health at Work Award

The North East Better Health at Work Award recognises the efforts of local employers in addressing health issues within the workplace. The Workplace Challenge can work hand-in-hand with the award and form part of the campaigns and evidence needed to achieve each stage.

The award scheme is FREE, flexible and open to all employers in the North East, regardless of size, location or type of business.

Many organisations already promote healthy lifestyles and consider the health of their employees. This Award will recognise the achievements of these organisations and help them move forward in a structured and supported way.

For those organisations who have not considered promoting health and wellbeing at work, taking part in this award will help you reap the rewards of encouraging a healthy workforce.

There are 4 levels to the Award – Bronze, Silver, Gold and Continuing Excellence, with appropriate criteria at each stage to build into an Award Portfolio. Organisations are given up to a year per level, but there is flexibility for those who need it.

Every employer/organisation who signs-up to participate in the Award scheme is supported by a dedicated Health Improvement Specialist.

For further information or to sign up, click on the weblink below.

The County Sports Partnership Network and the British Health Foundation have prepared 2 Evidence Briefings, please click on the documents to read more.