FitBiz is designed to support Northumberland businesses with the development and improvement of workplace health and wellbeing, by offering employees opportunities to lead healthier lives.

Most of us spend up to 60% of our time at work, it can be a stressful environment but the workplace should be a place that can offer people a chance to change and reinforce behaviour that supports a healthier life.

Employees that are physically active are 20% less likely to take time off work, they will experience fewer motivational problems, will be more resilient to change and are more likely to engage with business priorities.

It is clear that more businesses should be pushing themselves to do more for their employees health and wellbeing and ultimately the performance of their business. The healthier and happier employees are, the more productive they will be.

To find out more about FitBiz download the FitBiz brochure below or for more information about how FitBiz can work for your business contact Northumberland Sport on 01670 623515 or email