Do you need some more help in getting your workplace active? Stuck for ideas? Then why try some of the initiatives below.

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Active Challenge

Make a Splash at Your Workplace!

Active Workplace is part of the Amateur Swimming Association's (ASA) promise to get the nation swimming by building new partnerships with employers and local pool providers. The programme offers workplaces the chance to take part in the Active Workplace Scheme and strike up a partnership with their local leisure centre.

How does it work?

1. A representative from the ASA will discuss the scheme with you and set up a survey to collate information on the activity levels, aquatic needs and wants of your staff.

2. Once employees have completed the survey the ASA will undertake a full analysis and provide you with feedback about the activity levels, health and wellbeing of your workplace.

3. The ASA will work with your local pool provider to create a tailor made offer that meets the needs of your staff.


Healthy, cost effective team building for your organisation!

Set up a Jogging Group in your workplace and make an immediate impact on the morale, health and performance of your organisation. This healthy cost effective intitiative encourages complete beginners, lapsed or existing runners to start running, regardless of age, ability or fitness level.

Northamptonshire Sport can support your business in setting up your very own workplace jogging group. This includes training as well as full insurance cover with UK Athletics.

Nordic Walking

Sign up for one of our Nordic Walking Group experience today!

We can offer your organisation a FREE Nordic Walking Taster Session at your workplace or alternative venue. The 45 minute sessions will provide your employees with a great introduction into this fabulous outdoor activity.

If the taster proves to be popular, then we can progress and deliver a 'Learn to Nordic Walk' Course. This course is specifically aimed at the complete beginner and will teach the Nordic Walking technique. The courses are 4hours long and are delivered by Nordic Walking UK (NWUK) qualified instructors.


Smile It's Rounders Workplace Toolkit

Whether you're a banker or a local butcher the world of work can be very competitive and stressful, with people working for long hours. With work often a 24-hour concern, having the time and motivation for fun and physical activity doesn't come along often. With its quick, simple but competitive nature, rounders presents the perfect antidote for people looking for pure escapism. It's also a great way of developing strong team bonds among co-workers. As people usually work in departments, one way of motivating people to play may be to organise an inter-departmental championship or league. Or maybe local businesses could compete against each other. The staff of a local chip shop could organise a regular game against local post office workers at the end of the road.

Please click for the link to download the rounders at work toolkit:

Bat & Ball Challenge

The Challenge is to see how many times you can keep the bouncing on the bat, here is an example of the current champion with 216 bounces!

U Canoe Challenge

Canoe England are offering workplaces the loan of their Indoor Kayaking Machines as part of the U Canoe Wired programme.

U Canoe Wired provides the initial excitement of canoeing in virtually any setting. Using Indoor Kayaking Machines participants can undertake a range of challenges, improve technique, challenge their colleagues or simply canoe. There are a range of activity cards to assist delivery with team challenges, skill and fitness development or participants can just race!

Workplace Challenge Resources

If you would like to promote the Workplace Challenge to your colleagues then you might find some of these resources useful