2018 Active Workplace Challenge results

Posted: Mon, 05 Mar 2018 11:00

Making every minute count!

Workplace Challenge invited you and your workplace to move more and to join the 2018 Active Workplace Challenge. Over 8,000 employees from 600+ companies took up the challenge and added some bite size activity in and around their working day.

An impressive distance of 813,181 miles was tracked from 8th January to 4th March (the equivalent of flying to the moon 3.5 times).

The top activities logged during the challenge were walking, running and cycling.

Read on for details of the results, prize winners, partner offers and ideas to keep your workplace moving.

Results & prize winners

We were delighted to see so many people getting behind the challenge and adding activity to their working day with more than 255,000 activities tracked during the challenge. Congratulations to everyone for taking part, but a special congratulations goes to United Utilities our most active company in England with 6 million total activity points by 500 participants!

Please click here to see the full list of 2018 Active Workplace Challenge prize winners and the results.

Thank you to all our sponsors for donating prizes for the challenge including EMD UK, Fitbit UK, Go Ape!, Loop at Work and Walking With The Wounded.

Active inspiration

Hopefully you and your workplace have enjoyed being active as part of the Active Workplace Challenge. For active inspiration to keep you and your workplace moving throughout 2018 look no further than our partner offers, events, competitions and news/ blog.

Partner offer highlights:

In the partner offers section of the Workplace Challenge website we're pleased to include details of:

Keep going!

If you've been involved in the 2018 Active Workplace Challenge since January 8th, then by now you'll have noticed a number of changes. You may feel healthier and fitter, both physically and mentally. You might feel more productive and alert, especially in the afternoons. You might even feel closer to your work colleagues. And hopefully you'll also feel inspired to continue with Workplace Challenge.

You see, Workplace Challenge is here to help you maintain the healthy habit during your lunch break, all year round. You can track your progress, compete against colleagues and even connect your profile with your Fitbit to earn points for every step you take. It really is that easy – and believe it or not, that's not all - Check out our blog for more ideas.

Try out some inter workplace fun: Why not get your workplace involved in a Competition Programme or Business Games event? Find out more on our competitions page.

Get your workplace moving: Check out our events page for details of events and campaigns including Sport Relief, The Great Row and On Your Feet Britain.

Please do keep us posted with your successes, selfies and stumbles on our twitter, facebook and linkedin accounts.

For access to free resources to promote Workplace Challenge at your workplace visit www.workplacechallenge.org.uk/resources

Inspiration: For inspiration and ideas to keep you and your workplace active throughout 2018 look no further than our:

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