Posted: Mon, 22 Jan 2018 09:49

The starting gun has fired in the biggest Active Workplace challenge yet – and it's not too late to get involved.

The 2018 Active Workplace Challenge is an eight-week initiative designed to improve the mental and physical wellbeing of England's working population. Now in its fifth year, this year's initiative is all about helping employees to add bite sized chunks of activity into and around the working day, making every minute count in the pursuit of positive change.

We want organisations to support their teams in getting away from the desk and getting more active in the lightest, brightest parts of the day. Why? Because figures show that we Brits sit down for an average of 8.9 hours each day1 and it's affecting our health, reducing productivity and costing Britain's businesses money.

The key statistics

The 2018 challenge started on January 8th and within days we had already seen some incredible results. By the end of the first ten days, a staggering 194,000 miles had been logged and almost 4,000 new challengers across 1,000 different workplaces had joined the 60,000+ people already signed up to Workplace Challenge. That distance is enough to go all the way around the world more than seven times, with plenty to spare. Isn't it time your organisation got involved? As an added incentive there's some awesome national and local prizes available thanks to our fab sponsors!

Reducing employee absence

The 2018 Active Workplace challenge isn't just about personal fitness levels. There are a host of benefits for employers if they can help their staff to improve physical and mental wellbeing, from increased productivity and employee morale, to reduced workplace absence.

In total, 131 million working days are lost to sickness in England each year and poor mental and physical health amongst our workforce is costing the UK taxpayer over £60billion.

How can we do it?

Join the 2018 Active Workplace Challenge and support your employees to walk, jog, run or cycle at least one mile every day for eight weeks from January 8th to March 4th. We want workplaces to join together, head out and log at least one mile each day of the challenge, but remember just adding small chunks of activity into and around the working day can really make a difference. Encourage taking the lift, walking to work or just running on the spot for ten minutes. Every minute counts!

Get involved

For more information to join the 2018 Active Workplace challenge click here. Or join the conversation on our social media pages - find us on Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn.


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