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October, 2018

CSPN Workplace Challenge

Healthy body = healthy mind?

Posted: Mon, 08 Oct 2018 16:42

On World Mental Health Day, you don't need us to tell you that a healthy body leads to a healthy mind and that physical activity is proven to lower the risk of mental health problems and stress...but we will anyway - it really does!

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CSPN Workplace Challenge

Thank you and important update

Posted: Wed, 03 Oct 2018 16:50

Thank you for your support for Workplace Challenge. We've had an amazing 4 years and are extremely grateful to all 75,000 individuals from the many thousands of workplaces across England that have embraced the challenge of adding more activity in and around the working day.

Thanks to the great work of County Sports Partnerships, all our partners and supporters, with your support we've raised the profile for physical activity at work and independent research from Loughborough University has helped to build the evidence base.

This update includes details of the end of Workplace Challenge on 7th October and our future plans for workplace physical activity.

Time to make a change

As of the 7th October, Workplace Challenge will end and the website will be going offline. We will soon be announcing our plans for a new model to tackle inactivity in workplaces. Please watch this space for updates and please send any comments or ideas to Andrew Watson on

If you no longer want to receive our newsletters, please unsubscribe from the my dashboard/ account area of the website before 5th October.

If you would like to export details of the activity you've logged on Workplace Challenge you can do this from the my dashboard/ activity log area of the website.

Let's make active working the norm!

Thanks to your involvement in Workplace Challenge we know what works in relation to workplace physical activity and we're now keen to turbo charge the help available to workplaces to achieve our vision of an active lifestyle being the norm for everyone.

So, what do we know?

  1. Inactivity has a huge impact on the health of individuals, on business and the economy
  2. Physical activity has the potential to combat over 20 diseases, reduce the risk of depression, reduce absenteeism, increase productivity and boost morale
  3. More employees need the opportunity to move more in and around the working day #everyminutecounts
  4. More employers need to provide flexible working practices, create a culture where active working is the norm and empower employees to move more
  5. A new approach is required to tackle inactivity in workplaces

New model to help make active working the norm

We're busy planning a new partnership approach for active working and the foundations of our new model will be ready later in October. The new model aims to enable champions to drive culture change and help employees to move more with tools and resources available to employers through a new hub and expert help and advice to get your workplace moving. Some of the things we're working on include:

  • A workplace physical activity charter/ accreditation
  • Employer needs assessment tool
  • Employee needs analysis survey
  • Champion training seminars

The main change is that we're moving from an employee facing programme to a new model that provides employers with inspiration, tools and expert help to tackle inactivity. As part of this change we will no longer directly provide an activity tracking and challenge function for employees although this will still be available to employers to manage via selected partners.

Tell us what you think

Please do get in contact to let us know your thoughts on the planned new model and learning from getting your workplace active to date. Drop an email to Andrew Watson

Watch this space for updates and further details of our exciting new plans soon.

Keep active and keep in touch!

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