Find your motivation. Get results with MYZONE.

MYZONE is a social and game-based platform making heart rate data easy to understand! Workplace Challenge are pleased to partner with MYZONE to provide a fantastic offer to the workplaces and individuals involved in Workplace Challenge.

Check out the flyer below for more information about MYZONE.

How does it work?

Unlike many other activity trackers, MYZONE is the only fitness tracking app designed to acknowledge and reward effort based on the World Health Organisation's Guidelines on Physical Activity. It uses a game and social based platform to create fun and inclusive experiences, designed to engage and motivate exercise adherence.

For more information on getting started with MYZONE please see

MYZONE offer

Workplace Challenge have a fantastic offer for workplaces and individuals involved to purchase MYZONE belts at £59.99 which is a discount of £70 from the standard retail price of £129.99!

Click here to buy, find your motivation and get results with MYZONE and Workplace Challenge!

Once you have your MYZONE belt it's then possible to connect your Workplace Challenge account to MYZONE. Once connected you can use a MYZONE belt and the MYZONE app to automatically track your activity and update your Workplace Challenge profile and leaderboards. For more details on how to connect please see our FAQs.