Health@Work are an independent charity, specialising in workplace health and wellbeing. We launched the Workplace Wellbeing Charter in Liverpool and have been at the forefront of developing the National Award for England, together with Public Health England. For further information on health, safety and wellbeing in the workplace including the Workplace Wellbeing Charter please visit or call 0151 236 6608.

What is the Workplace Wellbeing Charter and how does it work?

The Workplace Wellbeing Charter is a an evidence-based award scheme which is seen as statement of intent, showing your commitment to the health of the people who work for you. The Charter has been running successfully for over four years and is now endorsed by Public Health England.

Organisations using the Charter benefit in many ways including:

  • The ability to Audit and Benchmark against an established and independent set of standards – identifying what the organisation already has in place and what gaps there may be in the health, safety and wellbeing of your employees.
  • Developing strategies and plans – The Charter provides a clear structure that organisations can use to develop health, safety & wellbeing strategies and plans
  • National recognition – The Charter award process is robust and evidence based. With over 1,000 organisations across England holding the award, The Workplace Wellbeing Charter is now widely recognised as the business standard for health, safety & wellbeing across England. The award helps to strengthen the organisation's brand & reputation and supports in sales and marketing activities.

Please visit

On the website you can: Register which will provide access to online health and wellbeing resources and advice.

Take an online self-assessment to find out how well your organisation is doing and identify areas for improvement.

Search for a local provider. In Liverpool, the Charter is a fully funded service so is free for all Liverpool-based organisations.