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Our Flexible Lunch Break Manifesto

How much could tackling poor health save your business?

We're asking for your support to grasp the opportunity to change the way we work in the UK by introducing flexibility into the working day. This isn't about creating new rules and formal policies. Instead, we're urging employers to simply allow their employees more time and opportunity to take part in sport and physical activity during the working week. We have evidence to demonstrate that this shift in culture could not only improve the wellbeing of the working population but also save businesses across England an estimated £2.8 billion.

Download your FREE copy of the manifesto to find out how Workplace Challenge can help your business.

How can you help?

  • Download and read our report from the resources section below
  • Lead by example
  • Get involved in Workplace Challenge
  • Seek the support of your County Sports Partnership
  • Find out more about Business Registration and how you can apply to become a Company Administrator on Workplace Challenge

What support can Workplace Challenge offer?


Please find below links to our manifesto document and infographic which include details of the business case, our research into the impact of workplace health on business, what needs to change, how a more flexible work environment can impact on the bottom line and how we can help.

Download for free now to find out more and for details of how we can help your business to realise the benefits of a healthy and active workforce.

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