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Active Lunch 8 Week Challenge

The national 8 week activity logging challenge took place from Wednesday 4th January - Tuesday 28th February 2017

It has been amazing to see over 620 people from 40 workplaces get involved and actively engaged with the 8 week challenge. Together we logged 19,317 activities totalling an outstanding 17,981 hours worth of Sport and Physical Activity. Our active travellers covered over 49,438 miles saving £1,473 in fuel costs.

This year we encouraged you to pull your colleagues together and head out for a midday mile or play a quick game of table tennis in the boardroom - every 10 minutes counts. Over the course of the 8 weeks we wanted to promote the following three messages:

1. Swap desk-based lunch for an active lunch.

2. Supercharge your lunch break with bite-size activity.

3. Add bite-size activity to spice up your lunch break.

The challenge ran for 8 weeks from Wednesday 4th January - Tuesday 28th February 2017.

However, just because the challenge is over, it doesn't mean you need to stop using Workplace Challenge to achieve your health and fitness goals.

1. Get active - every 10 minutes count, try fitting some bite size activities around your working day.

2. Log all your activity at www.workplacechallenge.org.uk/lrsport or using the iPhone or Android app - remember, activity makes points and points make prizes!

3. Track your progress and compete for fun on the Workplace Challenge individual and workplace leaderboards.

Staff at Leicester-Shire and Rutland Sport 'Liven up their Lunch'

Watch our video and get some inspiration for your bite size activities!

Bite Size Activity

Bite size activity can be done anytime, anywhere.

Bite size activities are chunks of 10 minute physical activity that can easily be done in and around the working day, and the opportunities are endless. Here are just a few examples:

Tussle over Table Tennis – Order an instant Ping set from Table Tennis England and enjoy a quick game of table tennis in the boardroom!

Office Aerobics – Google office aerobics and get your arms and legs going to get the blood pumping.

Make it a Mobile Meeting – Pace pavements with your colleagues to get the ideas flowing.

Keepy Uppy Challenge – Challenge your colleagues to a Keepy Uppy challenge!

Midday Mile – Make it social and rally the troops for a Midday Mile.

Swap the Lift for the Stairs – Simple but effective!

Racket Rally – grab a racket and see how many times you can hit the shuttle cock between yourself and a colleague in a minute.

Step Up – Set a target of a number of steps for each working day and challenge your colleagues to compete against you.

Putting Competition – Get your hands on a golf club, a couple of golf balls and some plastic cups and get putting!

Dance Off – Check out Exercise Move and Dance's 'All around the office workout' and challenge a colleague to take part!

Office Orienteering – A treasure hunt in the office! Solve clues to find your prize.

Press Up or Plank Challenge – how many can you do or how long can you hold a plank for?

Active Inspiration

If you're in need of some active inspiration and don't know where to start, look no further than Workplace Challenge:

  • Check out our A-Z of sport to find out about almost every sport and activity imaginable and the programmes from National Governing Bodies of sport (NGBs).
  • Find out more about the latest offers from NGB's.
  • Find a local event or why not get involved in a Workplace Challenge Competition Programme event? There are several competitions including 5-a-side football and female netball currently open for bookings.
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    Mac & White
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