Amateur Swimming Association

Active Workplaces

We have teamed up with Active Workplaces, brought to you by the Amateur Swimming Association and Sport England, is a specialised scheme designed to help boost the health and well-being of workforce's across the UK through swimming.

By teaming up with local swimming pools, the Active Workplace initiative aims to get more people swimming more often by building new partnerships, developing new pathways and targeting new people with ASA products and programmes such as British Gas Swimfit.

ASA would like to find out what you would like your local pool for offer you! Please follow the link below and complete this short questionnaire and tell ASA what you would like to see. If you would like to find out more about the Active Workplaces please click on the image.

England Badminton

Battle Badminton

'Battle Badminton' is an online platform with social networking capabilities that allows players to find like-minded people to challenge (at singles or doubles), agree their own rules of engagements to suit them and play as regularly as possible within leader-boards that can be viewed nationally, regionally or among friends.

Battle Badminton provides a great opportunity for the workplace to come together and start challenging their colleagues and perhaps employees from other workplaces.

Our current special offer of the first 10,000 places FREE.

Battle badminton has come from BADMINTON England as has just been released as a new revolutionary product that offers social/recreational badminton players the chance to find new players online to challenge on court as part of a national ladder league. sign up for FREE.

Surrey Cricket

Easy Cricket

Surrey Cricket can offer you a bespoke onsite cricket experience session, just register your interest to try/ play cricket at your workplace or local park, with your workplace activity champion and the workplace challenge will support the arrangement of a cricket challenge for your workplace.

The equipment for this session is provided by Surrey Cricket, if you would like to purchase an Easy Cricket Bag, please inform the instructor or contact the London Workplace Challenge team. (Contact details provided on the about page).

London FA

Just Play

The London FA are looking for individuals or teams to take place in a workplace/corporate football league, with venues in Brixton and London Bridge which will be located in close proximity of Lambeth and Southwark Council buildings.

For more information on Southwark Football sessions, please see our competitions page

Females only

Games are likely to be played during Lunchtimes or Straight from work, to register an interest please contact

Give it a Go!

Give it a Go is a North London sports campaign that aims to support more people having a go at sport in Waltham Forest, Barnet, Enfield and Haringey. Local sports organisations will be organising free sports provision for people of all ages and abilities.

The project is a great opportunity for people to try a new sport or activity or rediscover one they once loved - all for free! There's something on offer to suit everyone's interests with over 40 different free activities on offer across North London.

England Golf - London Region

Get into golf is a national campaign to inspire adults to take up golf and it supports the plan to make England the world's leading golf nation by 2020.

It is making the game more affordable and welcoming than ever before. Swing into action at a golden time for the sport, as golf returns to the Olympic Games in 2016 - for the first time since 1904.

There's no better sport for bringing people together and, with its winning

combination of exercise, sporting skill and social interaction, golf is the perfect tonic for good health and happiness.

It doesn't matter if you've never played golf or haven't picked up a club since your school days or an almost-forgotten holiday. You can get started by taking advantage of the low cost taster sessions and beginner courses on offer across England.

These sessions are fun, sociable and held in a relaxed atmosphere. They are available for mixed groups, women-only and families and are all run by PGA professionals. You will receive a basic introduction to the game, together with information about club membership and follow-on coaching opportunities.

To find an activity near you go to, book and turn up on the day in comfortable clothing, equipment will be provided by the Centre. All Centres have been selected because they are beginner friendly facilities so you can be reassured you will receive a high quality introduction to golf.

Just Jhoom! Bollywood Dance-Fitness

Enjoy the glitz and glamour of Bollywood with Just Jhoom!

Just Jhoom! which means Just Dance! brings together aerobics, mindful movement and Bollywood dancing (drawing on a range of dance styles from Indian classical dance to Bhangra) to create a unique, vibrant dance experience – nourishing both body and mind.

Just Jhoom! is the brainchild of award-winning classically-trained Indian dancer, Shalini Bhalla who has collaborated with dance, fitness and yoga professionals to create fun, dynamic dance-fitness sessions for people from all walks of life.

Just Jhoom! is suitable for people of all ages, abilities and fitness levels. In one class you can have an 18 year old, Jhooming side by side with a 70 year old.

For your Just Jhoom! session please wear clothes suitable for a workout and trainers or dance shoes and please bring bottled water with you.

The Movement Factory

The Movement Factory dance fitness programme is a branch of award winning dance company The Movement Factory.

Our fitness programme covers classes in Zumba, Many Dance forms, keep fit and yoga classes and our portfolio of work scans London, Kent, Surrey and Essex bringing the joy of dance and fitness to everyone from children to adults.

England Netball - London

Back to netball (B2N) would like to provide an opportunity get more active through netball. B2N is a national project which invites ladies 16+ to get back to netball, whether they have never played before, played only at school or played many many years ago, each session is coach led and start slowly going through the basics skills and building confidence to eventually play matches.

Each session is coach led by a Netball Development Community Coach (NDCC) employed by England Netball to facilitate the programme.

Try Tag

Tag Rugby is based on the same general concept as rugby union, rugby league and touch where by instead of making tackles or touches, you pull tags off the side of the oppositions shorts. It is one of the fastest growing sports in London and in the peak of summer last year we had around 2000 active members in our weeknight leagues.

Try Tag run a Corporate Challenge tournament once a year and are very keen to try and get a few more work teams on board, so please contact your Workplace Activity Champion to register your interest.

Try tag coaches and staff are available to go to workplaces around London and run a taster session for you, with the view of enabling your workplace to compete in local leagues.

Mixed tag is the most popular in London with most venues playing a 7 a side format (3 females and 4 males) on the pitch at any one time. Then you normally have 3 or so subs as well. At most of our venues matches are 45mins long and consist of 2 x 20min halves.

Depending on the league, many have different grades so we can place all the new players in our beginner grades. We are also in the process of booking all our Summer venues as well, giving our players even more options when it comes to selecting a league the suits them best, whether it be close to home or work.

The only costs associated with Tag Rugby are the individual registration fee (this can vary from £40 - £50 per individual sign up depending on venue) or team registration fee (if you are registering a whole company team it can be £300 - £420 depending on venue). This will get you a 7-10 week competition (again, depending on venue). Aside from that, you will need a pair of tag shorts as we don't use tag belts. These can be purchased for £12 each from the Competition Supervisor on the night or from our online shop.

Try Tag Rugby is running a series of free taster session across London in April. This is an opportunity to sign up for free and come along and give this great sport a go! We even provide the shorts!! For more information and to sign up to a free taster session, please visit the link below.

Wheelchair Dance Sport Association

The WDSA (UK) is a national body and Charity for the sport of Wheelchair Dance Sport (Competitive Ballroom and Latin dancing) supporting disabled individuals to develop at grass roots up to regional, national and international (open and International Paralympic Committee Competitions). WDSAUK also work to ensure that disabled people have the opportunity to engage dance in whatever form it might be recreationally,(Tap, Ballet, Bollywood).

The sport is broken up into:

Duo; which is 2 wheelchair users competing together,

Combi; which is a standing partner and wheelchair user competing together,

Formation; which is a mixture of standing and wheelchair user dancing as a group or solo.

The benefits to wheelchair dancing are that it is open to all so the whole family can join in, it also at a local and national level is not only specific to wheelchair users so you can have an individual who has a visual/hearing impairment, cerebral palsy, MS, spina bifada or other disabilities that are not meaning they use a wheelchair can be involved. We also have found that this sport enables, brothers and sisters, husbands and wives to change from being either segregated or always cared for to being a family or a couple and competing against others who have had the same barriers.

As a national governing body we work in three main areas of support;

We provide a national membership, in which people can share ideas and information on a secure area, you can also find out what is going on locally and nationally in the area.

We enable individuals to find and join a recognised and affiliated wheelchair dance group, if one does not exist we offer to individuals, care homes, schools and any person interested the opportunity to become a qualified wheelchair dance instructor and affiliate to the WDSA (UK). The course is a 5 day course which cover Wheelchair design, wheelchair technique, choreography design (this enabled individuals to have tools to adapt dance to be accessible to the most disabled person they may teach), medical theory, group set up, frame work around the sport of wheelchair dance and at the end of the week the individuals have an examination which if they pass will make them a qualified Level 2 Instructors. From that point on the individual is affiliated and has access to support from us as a NGB in regards to Public Liability Insurance, support in setting up a group, more videos, information and materials on dance styles, CPD days on other dance and sport rules regulations and engagement. As part of the payment of the course they get the years affiliation free then each year to continue to be recognised supported and access further training they would need to pay a fee of £96 a year.

We run taster and awareness sessions in local communities, these can be full days in which people can attend and take part, it can be part of a multi sports day or we do direct work in care homes, schools and community/day centres and run 2/3 hour sessions. We also do work in enabling and helping dance schools and centres to see wheelchair dance sport not just as a boring old peoples sport but something that can be fun, exciting and just a competitive and engaging as any other sport.