Healthy Workplaces Charter

The London Workplace Challenge can give your business the support it needs to reach level of the physical activity standard of the London Healthy Workplaces Charter. Listed below is how the Workplace Challenge can enable you to meet each element;


Point 1 > information is made available on benefits of Physical Activity

Point 2 > the minimum legally required breaks are taken by all staff.*

Workplace Challenge Support

To reach this stage, as a business, has shown interest in signing up they have put forward their workplace champion but have not gone any further. However, the Workplace Challenge can only support point 1. This is because the champion is provided with a package that contains; the supporting research behind the project, event planner, local activities and promotional resources to promote workplace physical activities and information regarding physical activity benefits and guidelines.


Point 3 > Physical Activity in the Workplace is actively encouraged and supported by the physical environment.

Point 4 > Employees are encouraged to take regular breaks.*

Point 5 > Physical activity opportunities in the local area are promoted to staff.

Point 6 > Volunteering & out of work activities that support well-being are actively encouraged.

Workplace Challenge Support

For a business to get this far with the support that the Workplace Challenge can provide would be; a workplace champion trained, the promotional materials are clearly visible within the workplace and the workplace has engaged with activity or sports providers, for Point 3, Point 5 & Point 6. Link to new volunteering, further training and coaching opportunities through our links to RSPH and PRO-ACTIVE LONDON.


Point 7 > Opportunities for physical activity linked to the workplace have been investigated and implemented. These activities are sustained over long periods to become embedded in the organisational culture.

Point 8 > The organisation has a travel plan that promotes physically active ways of getting to and from work and travelling between meetings.

Workplace Challenge Support

With this project, when an individual uses the tool we are providing, the activity can be entered as actively traveled for; cycling, walking, running etc. Which is also useful to employers because it provides a CO2 saving calculation per individual/department/workplace. This level of the physical activity standard of the Healthy Workplaces Charter would equate to full involvement with the project, where the business will have employees regularly recording activity, onsite or local activities weekly runs, lunch time walking classes and pro-active workplace champions. We will also be pointing employees in the direction of active travel schemes, cycle highways, (if and when appropriate).

*Similarly with P2, we cannot support P4 because we do not have the ability to monitor these breaks

For more information about participating in the London Healthy Workplaces Charter please follow the links below, alternatively download the PDF for and introduction to the charter.