Benefits of Active Travel for your workplace:

  • Control costs e.g. mileage expenses.
  • Boost productivity.
  • Recruitment and retention - make your company more attractive by implementing management strategies to reduce travel needs.
  • Reduce parking pressures.

The Benefits of Active Travel for You and Your Community:

  • Active travel supports local businesses and promotes vibrant town centres.
  • It makes for a high quality, appealing public realm.
  • It reduces car travel, air pollution, carbon dioxide emissions and congestion, helping our environment.
  • It reduces road danger and noise.
  • It increases the number of people of all ages out on the streets, making public spaces seem more welcoming and providing opportunities for social interaction and children's play.
  • It provides an opportunity for everyone, including people with impairments, to experience and enjoy the outdoor experience.
  • Health benefits (physical, emotional and mental)

The benefits of active travel and physical activity for reducing the risk of obesity and many chronic diseases and for improving mental health and well-being has been researched and well documented across the world.

Sustrans, the charity that makes it easier for people to walk and cycle, has collated some of this research and you can read their overview of the evidence in this area.