Open to all fitness levels and abilities, we're inviting you and your colleagues to join our 4 week challenge and #WalkOverOctober!

Studies have shown that sitting for long periods of time during the day is bad for our overall health and wellbeing, so throughout October we want to encourage you and your colleagues to get up and walk more.

Whether it's a walk to and from work, a lunchtime walk with colleagues, a weekend walk with the family, a walk to the shops, a walk to and from school with the children, perhaps even a walk to the cinema or local pub...we think there are lots of opportunities to #WalkOverOctober. To help get you started, why not check out Explore Kent's easy access trails and other walks HERE.

During the Challenge, all we ask is that you (and your colleagues) log any 'walking' activity on your Workplace Challenge profiles to earn those much needed 'walking' points. For those of you who have a FitBit, just sync your FitBit account with your Workplace Challenge profile and your walking activity will be uploaded automatically. If your walk is for 'active travel' purposes and you've ditched motorised transport for walking, then don't forget to tick yes to 'Active Travel'.

Certificates will be awarded at the end of the 4 week challenge to Workplaces (based on workplace category size) for:-

  • The most walking points
  • The most walking points recorded as 'active travel'

As you and your colleagues #WalkOverOctober and log your activity, the Workplace Leaderboard will be updated daily.

Spot Prizes will also be awarded to individuals throughout the 4 week challenge for just taking part.

We really hope you and your colleagues are up for taking part in our #WalkOverOctober Challenge.

Good Luck!