Here in Kent, we are extremely fortunate to have a wide range of activities and opportunities that can help you to become more active.

A great place to start is with some walking, cycling or some gentle jogging in our beautiful Kent countryside.

Take Care and Be Safe

  • Choose comfortable, supportive shoes, such as running, walking or cross-training shoes.
  • Keep hydrated by drinking water or fluids before, during and after exercise.
  • Be careful of traffic and take particular care at road junctions.
  • Try to avoid wearing headphones when you are on an unfamiliar route.
  • There is safety in numbers – it is always best to walk, run, cycle, etc with at least one other person if possible. However, if you have to exercise alone then always tell somebody when and where you are going and how long you expect to be.
  • Carry a mobile phone in case of emergency.
  • Look out for tripping hazards such as uneven pavements or, if off-road, tree roots and large stones.
  • Wear reflective clothing in the dark.
  • Warm up before exercising: start with slow gentle movements for 5-10 mins, then gradually build the intensity (ie. gentle walk to a brisk march or to a gentle jog)
  • Take time to cool down after your workout: this lowers your heart rate & allows your body to recover, helping to reduce injury & muscle soreness. Walk at a low intensity for 5-10 mins, then stretch your muscles by holding for 10-30 seconds.

Here's your chance to try out one of our many walking, cycling and running routes which anyone can use at their leisure. Please follow the links below to help you get started.

If you can't find what you're looking for, please get in touch with Lucy Tomlinson at or click on the KentSport logo to Find Your Sport

If you work or live in the Medway Area, the Active Medway Team offer a variety of group walks, cycling groups and community exercise sessions. Please follow the weblink below to find an activity in the Medway area.

Keeping Track of Your Activity

If you have a Smart phone then there are free apps that you can download (for iPhone and Android) that will track and record the distances you run, cycle or walk as well as your pace such as:

  • Strava Running and Cycling GPS Tracker - Free
  • MapMyRun, MapMyRide and MapMyWalk GPS apps from MapMyFitness – Free
  • Sports Tracker from Sports Tracking Technologies Ltd – Free