Be Inspired .... Be Active @ Work!

Adults who are more physically active are healthier and happier. We can spend up to 60% of our waking hours at work and for sport and physical activity to form part of our weekly lives it needs to fit in before, during or after our working day.

An organisation that supports its workforce to be active is good news for everyone.

People who are more physically active enjoy the benefits of: reduced risk of weight gain, reduced risk of high blood pressure, improved health and wellbeing, higher morale, higher self-esteem, reduced stress and improved concentration. They also enjoy a better work-life balance, greater job satisfaction and an overall improved quality of life.

And, their employers also see benefits through a happier, more motivated and more creative team, lower levels of sickness absence, increased productivity, stronger loyalty and commitment, greater resilience and a better all-round working atmosphere.

If a business can create a healthy workplace through providing an environment that is conducive and supportive of a healthy lifestyle then this will have a positive effect on their employees, performance and corporate image.

That's where Workplace Challenge Hampshire & IOW comes in!

Workplace Challenge Hampshire & IOW

Workplace Challenge Hampshire & IOW has been designed to inspire employees within local businesses to take part in more weekly sport and physical activity.

It is delivered by Energise Me as part of a national programme managed through the County Sports Partnership Network and funded by Sport England.

Challenge Yourself

Sign up to a range of national and local challenges taking place each year. All types of activity counts so everyone can get involved whether they enjoy walking, swimming, jogging, cycling, canoeing or hula hooping!

Use our online Activity Log to record the sport, physical activity and active travel you do each day or each week. The more activity you do, the more points you get ... and what do points make? Prizes!

Challenge Others

Form a team with your colleagues and take part in our inter-workplace sports competitions - fun, social and low cost events!

Energise Me organises regular tournaments in a variety of sports. It won't matter if you haven't played before, local sports coaches will provide support and instruction to give everyone a grasp of the basics and get your team started.