General Help & FAQs

How do I log my activity?

Once you're registered and logged in click the [+ Log Activity] button at the top of the page, follow the instructions and fill in all the information required before hitting [Save].

How do I register?

Simply register by clicking on the SIGN IN button. Then register your name, email address and Workplace postcode.

You will then be asked the Workplace that you work for. Type in the Name of your organisation (make sure this is the same as your colleagues).If the organisation is already in the system then just click on that. If not type the name in.

You will then be asked what kind of organisation is your workplace is either a Single office, location or branch OR Multiple offices, locations or branches.

So for example if you are a big organisation that has a number of different offices across the County with a range of different departments then you all need to register your Workplace as a Multi Office Location.

If you are a small organisation which only has 1 office location then click that option.

If you are a Multi Office Location then a list of existing locations may be in the system but if yours isn't then type your location in. Once your office location is in then you can add in the Department that you work in.

Then get your colleagues or friends to join in the fun! You can enter as one workplace or why not get your department to challenge another one in your own organisation.

How do you calculate the points?

Points are calculated according to Metabolic Equivalents (METs) where 1MET is a person's average seated energy expenditure which is equivalent to MET values will be different for different forms of exercise and will increase with the intensity and duration of exercise.

How do you stop people from cheating?

The Workplace Challenge is a fun programme that allows participants to track their personal sport and physical activity levels. Although there is a competitive element, the emphasis is on self awareness and monitoring of ones own participation and the activities logged are therefore based on trust and honesty.

It is down to individuals and their colleagues to encourage one-another to enter legitimate activities, but the Workplace Challenge coordinators will challenge (and possibly ask for evidence) for anyone believed to be abusing the system.

Other Workplace Challenge participants and colleagues can 'police' the site and question or challenge activity that doesn't apper to be legitimate.

How does the system work out my C02 savings?

The calculation used for CO2 saved is as follows;

Total CO2 saved (in kgs) = kilometres travelled x 0.20282

How is the Workplace Challenge programme free?

The CSPN Workplace Challenge is funded by Sport England as part of their "Get Healthy, Get into Sport Fund". Fourteen groups, including the CSPN's Workplace Challenge, are benefiting from funding which comes as new research shows that the cost of inactivity to the NHS in England is £944 million.

Prizes are also kindly donated by local and national businesses.

How to I enter a team into a competition?

Click on competitions, then select the event, select the number of players in your team, enter team details, click add to basket.

My friend is in a different CSP, can I see their points total?

Providing your friend's privacy settings allow for it, you can see your friend's profile from a different CSP if you create a social circle leaderboard with them in it.

What activities can I log?

Any type of and level of activity can be logged, for example walking, jogging, cycling, aerobics, zumba etc. Remember its about just doing more activity and having fun.

NOTE: Please note that the activity should not be any that is performed as part of your job.

What is a CSP (County Sports Partnership)?

County Sports Partnerships (CSPs) are networks of local agencies committed to working together to increase participation in sport and physical activity.

Partners include National Governing Bodies of Sport and their clubs, school sport partnerships, local authorities, sport and leisure facilities, primary care trusts and many other sport and non-sporting organisations.

CSPs are led by a strategic board supported by a central team of professional staff who provide leadership, co-ordination and structures which allow people and organisations to work more effectively together at a sub-regional level.

Visit CSP Network for More Information.

Who can join the Workplace Challenge?

Anyone who works in a CSP that is taking part in the Workplace Challenge can join the Workplace Challenge. Simply go to the home page, register to join the Challenge, then start logging your activity.

Why can’t I add points for activity I have completed as part of my work?

Sport or physical activity that is completed as part of people's job roles can't be logged and counted towards their points on the Workplace Challenge. This is because the Workplace Challenge encourages participation in recreational sport and physical activity to ensure the challenge is fair for everyone regardless of their job role.

Why can’t I add points for dates in the future?

You are able to back-date activities, but you cannot log activity that you have not done yet in case it doesn't come to pass i.e. if bad weather stops you taking part.

Why do I have to complete a survey?

The Workplace Challenge is a funded research project and as such the British Heart Foundation National Centre is conducting an anonymous evaluation of the activity logged by participants. You participation will help us to develop more evidence regarding the role sport can play in improving health. So just by getting active and enjoying being part of the Workplace Challenge you'll be helping enormously with our research.

Why isn’t my CSP signed up?

The Workplace Challenge is rolling out nationally, but in a phased approach. The initial phase will launch from 6th January 2014 with 28 CSPs but additional CSPs will come on board later.

If your CSP is not part of phase one, you can sign up to receive an update when it is.