Tech-Know Trail is part of County Durham Sport's Active Workplace programme that aims to provide new, fun and social ways to encourage Workplaces to prioritise their health and well-being and support employees to become more active, more often.

Tech-Know Trail team building programme has taken the traditional treasure hunt concept, combined it with innovative technology and inspired content to create fun, engaging, interactive challenges designed for a range of purposes. Each of the challenges includes a variety of interesting questions and trivia along with fun, photo and video tasks, played on tablets or smartphones.

The GPS hotspot technology allows games to be played in a location of your choice. Our bespoke game packages offer your organisation the opportunity to create a completely unique game aligned to your organisation's branding and requirements. Whether you want a game for a day or a year we can create a package for you.

Pay and Play- £150 per day (for up to 6 teams)

Up to 6 teams (£20 per extra team)
• 1 tried and tested 'themed' game set up in a location of your choice
• Support from County Durham Sport
• Game slideshow including all your teams photos and videos

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Gemma Sparrow (National Probation Service) said:

This activity was excellent! The whole team fully enjoyed it, they engaged really well and said how much fun they had. I really enjoyed the active element, how it encouraged your mind to be creative and the discussions that were generated. I was able to see everyone in my team have a good time which was fantastic.