Workplace Challenge Champion Training

In partnership with the British Heart Foundation, the Workplace Challenge has coordinated a series of training sessions focusing on how to improve the health and wellbeing of your organisation's workforce.

Become a Workplace Challenge Champion to gain valuable resources and support to help improve the lives of your colleagues.


The annual economic costs of sickness absence associated with working age ill-health are estimated to be over £100 billion. Around 160 million working days were lost due to absence in 2012, costing the UK economy £14 billion a year.


Get your workplace more active;

  • increase productivity,
  • improve morale,
  • reduce absenteeism and presenteeism,
  • improve communication/ networking between colleagues and departments,
  • increase staff retention,
  • have more fun and socialise with your colleagues!

UK employers can give themselves a competitive edge as healthy employees can be up to three times more productive than those in poor health.

How can you help?

Become a Workplace Challenge Champion and help your workplace to realise the benefits of a healthy and active workforce!

What champions say about the training

"Excellent way to get ideas to take back to the workplace"

"All trainers worked well and in a professional manner"

Two training options

Case Study "The Workplace Champion Training course really opened my eyes up to what can be achieved by introducing small changes into our busy working lives"

From Workplace Challenge Champion Training to #ActiveLunch & beyond

"Back in December 2016, I attended the Workplace Challenge Champion Training course delivered by Kent Sport in association with British Heart Foundation Health at Work.

Over 20 people from 15 different workplaces attended the course. At the start we got to know a little bit about each other and it became clear that there was a wide range of workplace health experience in the room. The one thing that we all had in common though was a passion to get our colleagues and workplaces more active and more healthy.

The theory side of the training got us thinking about why we should be more active, what it takes to become a workplace champion and how we can encourage our colleagues to be more active. Hearing about the complex nature of inactivity and the different stages of behaviour change was extremely interesting and it got us thinking about the different types of messages that we need to use when promoting activity in the workplace. We learnt about the wide range of workplace activities that staff can participate in and towards the end of our training we had a go at some of these activities, including chair-based exercises, office table tennis, sitting volleyball and resistance band strength & conditioning exercises.

After the course, I felt motivated and inspired. I felt I now had the confidence to help others in my workplace to be more active. I registered with the Workplace Challenge and started to promote the free online tool to colleagues and other staff. I now send out weekly emails to share progress, to encourage people to log their activities and to keep them motivated. The feedback has been really positive.

Since January, we've all been participating in the 8 Week #Active Lunch Challenge and we've managed to fit in a lunchtime walk nearly every day. We've gradually built this up to 25-30 minutes walks and we always come back feeling refreshed and ready to carry on with our working day. This challenge has really helped me think about ways to improve my own health but also help others think about how they can have a healthier, more active lifestyle too.

The Workplace Challenge Champion Training course really opened my eyes up to what can be achieved by introducing small changes into our busy working lives. I would highly recommend the course to anyone who wants to make a difference within their workplace. I hope it motivates you as much as it has me!"

By Maddison Thursting, Public Health Apprentice, Medway Council

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