Active 10


Start Date:
Thu 24th August, 2017
End Date:
Thu 28th September, 2017

Active 10

The Active 10 challenge on Workplace Challenge enables individuals and workplaces to keep track of walking and all other activity from 24th August - 28th September.

Download the Active 10 app to keep track of all your brisk walking and how many active 10s you can do. Use the Workplace Challenge app or connect to Fitbit to keep track of your daily activity and participation in sport and physical activity.


# Name Workplace Activity Points
1stNicola Williams Nicola WilliamsRolls-Royce Plc (Bristol)87,380
2ndRob Hoe Rob HoeJacobs UK Limited (Exeter)78,581
3rdRob Gurney Rob GurneyMy Home Move (Barton Close)74,081