British Heart Foundation Health at Work

The British Heart Foundation (BHF) is the nation's heart charity and largest independent funder of cardiovascular research. The BHF Health at Work scheme is designed to promote workplace health and wellbeing in your workplace.

The British Heart Foundation is working with businesses across the UK and supporting them to implement a successful workplace health programme.

Benefits of Workplace Health

Evidence shows that workplace health initiatives can deliver a wide range of benefits, to both employers and staff. Employers report reduced staff sickness absence and turnover, increased productivity and employee satisfaction, and fewer accidents and injuries.

Staff enjoy improved wellbeing, and workplace health checks can even pick-up conditions before they cause symptoms. Employees working for firms that promote wellness are more likely to be engaged, and think positively of their employers.

The benefits of Health at Work extend beyond the bottom line and can include:

Benefits for Employees

Benefits for Employers

Better physical and mental health & wellbeing

Increased productivity

Increased motivation

Lower rates of early retirement due to ill health

Less sickness & quicker recovery

Reduced absenteeism and quick return to work after illness

Less stress & back pain

Fewer workplace injuries

Improved morale

Greater staff retention and engaged employees

Greater work satisfaction

Reduced costs to train new staff

Networking opportunities.

Improvements in communications

A more positive corporate image.

British Heart Foundation Resources

The British Heart Foundation has a range of resources available, which include but are not limited to:

  • Healthy Ideas regarding getting active, eating well, combating stress, smoking & alcohol and health checks.
  • Find out if you are sitting too much?
  • The British Heart Foundation Cost Saving Calculator
  • Case Studies from a range of organisations from the private, public& third sector demonstrating the benefits of being involved with the Health at Work programme.

For more information & to join the British Heart Foundation Health at Work programme please use the link below.