Active Black Country has a range of sports equipment available for Black Country businesses & organisations, signed up to the Workplace Challenge, to loan out at no cost.

The equipment loan scheme is available to support businesses and organisations in implementing sport and physical activity within the workplace. Equipment is available at no cost for a two to three week period, subject to availability.

Table Tennis Set

Ideal before, during lunch or after work, this adjustable table tennis set is designed for playing free ping pong, a type of table tennis you can play on all kinds of tables and without the rule book.This 2-metre net has clips for fixing it to any kind of surface up to 5 cm thick. With 2 rackets and 2 balls, you can play almost anywhere.

Table tennis can improve hand-eye coordination stimulating mental alertness, concentration and tactical strategy. It can also help improve balance and coordination whilst offering a social outlet for employees to engage in.

Why not start your own workplace table tennis league?


Pop up badminton sets make playing & storing badminton sets easier than ever before. This pop up badminton set is quick and easy to assemble, easily stored, portable and comes with 2 rackets, 2 shuttles and net. Ideal for sunny days outside.

Better suited to organisations with sufficient outside space.

Why not remove the net and have a 'keepy-uppy' challenge between co-workers to see which pairing can keep the shuttle up the longest.

Pop Up Football

2 X Kipsta Kage Light Football Pop-Up Goals & football designed to allow you to play football anywhere.

Easy to fold and store, ideal for business and organisations with sufficient outdoor space or an after work kick-about in the car park once all the cars have gone.

Hula Hoops

Hula hooping is a gentle, low-impact workout that works up to 30 core muscles. It can help improve balance, co-ordination whilst building strength and stamina.

Ideal before, before lunch or after work. Set the challenge; who can hula hoop the longest!

Studies that show that hooping burns visceral fat- the fat that is the hardest to get off the older you get, and also the most detrimental to heart health.

Grays Cricket Set

A cricket set ideal for an after work challenge, who can top score from the office? Comes with bat, ball and stumps, everything you need to enjoy the game of cricket with colleagues and coworkers.

Finnish Skittles

The aim in Finnish skittles is to throw wooden skittle bats at skittles, trying to remove them from the play square using as few throws as possible. Skittles can be played with four-man teams, in pairs or as an individual game.

Quick, easy and fairly office friendly it is great, alternative activity to engage staff in physical activity.

If you are interest in the equipment loan scheme please contact Sanjay Bensal