Active 8 Week Challenge 2017

January provides the perfect time to take charge of your health and start making some positive changes! During our January-February 2017 campaign we want to provide you with lots of ideas, tips and support in order to make these small, yet effective changes.

We'd love for you and your workplace to get on board and challenge yourselves to be active in manageable 10 minute 'bitesize' bursts of activity during your working day!

The Active 8-Week Challenge aims to encourage workforces to embrace the first two months of the year to get off their office chairs and get moving.

Lunch time is the brightest part of day during this time of year, so what better time to make the most of taking a break and fitting in some fitness?!

How you and your colleagues can get involved....

The purpose of the 8-week challenge is to encourage individuals in the workplace to fit in 'bite size' simple activity in and around the working day in 10-minute chunks.

Examples of 'Bitesize' activities may include:

  • cycling to work
  • office aerobics
  • wall-sitting
  • swapping the lift for the stairs
  • standing meetings
  • lunchtime table tennis

It's important to be flexible with your activity, if you can't spare a lunch break look at ways to adapt your current day's routine so that you can at least do something that gets your body moving. Click here for our exclusive offers with Decathlon on office based equipment.

Don't forget to share!

We'll be asking you to share some of your #BitesizeBrum activity with us over social media (including short videos, ideally!) and there will be prizes on offer for those who evidence their exercise efforts!

Good news stories will also be collected and highlighted by us in a series of blogs and newsletters, so if your office deserves recognition; has a great challenge idea or amazing achievements that just NEED to be shared with others, then please get in touch.

Why it Matters

The national challenge is a great way to make an active change to your daily routine. Rally the troops and get your workplace moving, enjoy some friendly rivalry competing against local workplaces, and more importantly logging your activity will help make your resolution a reality!

If you are keen to get your whole workplace involved then take a look at our Flexible Lunch Break manifesto which provides evidence for your employer into the benefits of a healthy and active workplace. There is also the ability to sign up your organisation with our Business Registration feature. Find out more here.

Make it count

Workplaces across the country will be taking part in the challenge, logging their points to climb our national leaderboards, with a selection of great prizes on offer. Take inspiration from our activity ideas above and remember to:

1. Get active - every 10 minutes count, try fitting some bite size activities around your working day.

2. Log all your activity by signing up or using the iPhone or Android app -remember, activity makes points and points make prizes!

3. Track your progress and compete for fun on the Workplace Challenge individual and workplace leaderboards.


A range of fantastic incentives are up for grabs for Birmingham Workplace Challenge participants! Prizes will be given for a variety of goals achieved for example; most activity logged, biggest range of activities tried, most steps undertaken, best #BitesizeBrum video, most active workplace...

Some of the prizes on offer include:

  • Samsung Galaxy S6 mobile phone with Samsung Virtual Reality (VR) Headset
  • 50% off food vouchers in January at The Cosy Club Birmingham
  • Free 5 week climbfit course with the new climbing centre 'Rock Up' (worth £56)
  • 2 Free places on our 'Workplace Champion' Training (worth £50)
  • Pedometers and Sport Birmingham goodie bags for your office

Be in it to win it!