It's time to get your workplace moving!


Busy, modern lifestyles are making it hard to fit in exercise into our daily routine. Shockingly we are 20% less active now than we were in the 1960s and it's time to make a change! With many of us spending 60% of our waking hours at work there's no better time or place to start adding activity into and around our working day.

The Workplace Challenge is a great way to make an active change to the daily routine of your business. Rally the troops and get your workplace moving, enjoy some friendly rivalry competing against local workplaces, and more importantly logging activity will help make employees resolutions a reality!

If you are keen to get your whole workplace involved… take a look at our infographic and Flexible Lunch Break manifesto, which provides evidence for employers about the benefits of a healthy and active workplace. There is also the ability to sign up your organisation with our Business Registration feature.


No experience necessary! Anyone can take part in the Workplace Challenge and we are keen to encourage everyone to add some activity into and around the working day.

Just adding small chunks of activity throughout the day can all add up; switching the lift for the stairs, walking to work, challenging the boss to a table tennis rally or taking part in a Midday Mile. So together let's make every minute count!

How can you help

We're asking for your support to grasp the opportunity to change the way we work in the UK by introducing flexibility into the working day. This isn't about creating new rules and formal policies. Instead, we're urging employers to simply allow their employees more time and opportunity to take part in sport and physical activity during the working week. We have evidence to demonstrate that this shift in culture could not only improve the wellbeing of the working population but also save businesses across England an estimated £2.8 billion.

Find out more about our manifesto and the evidence that supports a healthy and active business at