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'It was great to see a number of staff from different departments sign up to the Workplace Challenge logging a real variety of sports and activities from yoga, walking, running, wheelchair basketball, gardening, badminton and gym sessions. Some people involved said they felt it motivated them to do more as they were working towards their own personal goals as well as trying to beat others! One staff member said he would push himself to do more as he knew he would score more points, for example running for an hour as opposed to 45 minutes.

There was also a healthy competition with staff based in the Bognor Regis office trying to score more points than those registered from the Littlehampton office, where the majority of the council staff are based!

Arun District Council will be encouraging staff to sign up to the next Workplace Challenge, those who have already taken part and others who may not have been involved before. We are looking forward to getting started and challenge other local authorities to join the fun!'

Sadie Tooley, Arun District Council

'In December if you had told me I would be doing as much physical activity as I am doing now, I would have thought you were a comedian! This type of challenge is exactly what I needed to get back into fitness after a somewhat lazy year or so of doing very little and suffering a number of injuries. I've lost over a stone in weight and am feeling great physically and mentally.'

Joe Harding, Brighton & Hove City Council

'A few of us were already quite sporty, others not so much – and we had one or two unexpected participants which was great! Our group was a variety of ages, and participants were from different sections of the department … we had one or two people who hadn't worked here for very long, so it was a good way of integrating everyone.

Three or four of the team were quite competitive to be the top of our department, so Monday mornings often involved a discussion about who had logged what over the weekend!

We like to think that we helped the environment a little bit (people who walked to work instead of driving), and the figures were boosted by a couple of walking holidays and a Tough Mudder! We felt that it made us get off our butts a bit more, especially at lunchtimes (did I mention we like cakes?) and think twice about getting in the car versus walking. It also created a buzz in the office to see who was getting the most points, so it was a good boost to the department.'

Louise Carr, University of Brighton

The team at Active Sussex have been fantastic. They arrange brilliant events and have encouraged our team to get more active. The Active Sussex events are always fun and full of people with smiles on their faces.

Steve Kerassitis, Stelfox

We loved the competitive aspect of the Workplace Challenge and seeing how many points we received for each activity... I think it definitely swayed people in not skipping a workout because they wanted the points!

LJ Hazzard, The Student Room