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Hippocrates said:

"Walking is a man's best medicine"

Big Devon March FAQ'S

Q. Why should i join the Big Devon March?

A. Where do we start! It's great for your health, it's free, it boosts creativity and productivity, it is likely to reduce absenteeism, it will energise you, strengthen your workplace teams, you could win prizes.

Q. How do i get involved?

A. It's easy to sign up at www.activedevon.org/marchwithus If you need any help call 01392 925150 and we can talk you through the process. Once you have a team, we'll get a free goody to you and then we'll be cheering you along throughout the month of March as you #MarchWithUs.

Q. Do all walks need to happen as a team?

A. No. When you can get together and walk during work time then great but no matter who you walk with or on your own your logged walks will contribute to your teams mileage

Q. Can i log my weekend walks?

A. If you're working then yes! The idea is to increase walking "to, from and during work" so we are trusting people to log these walks only

Q. The teams are 4 - 6 people but at my workplace there are only 3 of us, can we enter?

A. Try teaming up with a neighbouring business to join you and boost numbers!

Q. Do i have to actually walk on the Coastpath?

A. No, the idea is to walk in and around your workplace. We will track your progress around a virtual South West Coastpath.

Q. Is the walk for charity?

A. The walk is free and is for the benefit of you and your workplace but if you would like to raise money whilst walking for a charity of your choice that is up to you? Also check out how you and your business can contribute towards the great work of the South West Coast Path http://shop.southwestcoastpath.org.uk/category-s/120.htm

Q. How do i log my walks?

A. Once you are signed up we recommend using the Workplace Challenge app (we will show you how) However you can log your miles any way you like and just enter them manually on the Challenge website.

Q. Do we have to walk the whole virtual length of the Southwest Coast Path?

  1. No you don't. Although you are competing against other team's so the more you walk the more chance you have of winning our weekly incentives! We hope our winning team will collectively build enough miles to reach the end of the path!
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