Workplace Health Week

23 – 27 May, 2016

Workplace Health Week is back for a second year, a week dedicated to raising awareness of the importance for adding activity into and around your working day. Workplace Challenge are urging you to make a deal with yourself and your colleagues to reach the recommended 150 minutes of physical activity during Workplace Health Week.

Why get involved?

A study by our partners the British Heart Foundation National Centre for Physical Activity and Health revealed that time is the biggest barrier to exercise. To combat this problem, Workplace Challenge released the Flexible Lunchbreak manifesto, encouraging employers to tackle the lack of physical inactivity by offering flexible working and encouraging employees to get active.

Throughout Workplace Health Week businesses across the country will be encouraged to offer and take part in activities during the lunch break from table tennis in the boardroom to a Midday Mile, it all adds up towards the magical 150 minutes.

What’s going on?

During the week, County Sports Partnerships (CSPs) across the country will be hosting a variety of events to get you and your colleagues moving!

  • Get inspiration from our partner offers and A-Z of sport
  • Discover events and competitions taking place in your local area
  • Follow the daily themes on social media for inspiration:
  • Take part in the national Midday Mile on Thursday 26 May at 12 noon
  • Log your activity and earn activity points with our activity logger and app
  • Track your progress via our 150 minute target bar

Get your employer to make a deal...

Our research revealed that getting your employer's support is key to success for encouraging a more active workforce. Workplaces who introduced a physical activity programme like Workplace Challenge unlocked bottom line benefits such as reduced sickness absence, reduced presenteeism and as a result saw increased levels of productivity in the workplace.

Download a copy of our quick guide to Workplace Challenge 'Is your lunch break culture bad for business?' and encourage your employer to make a deal with their employees to support workplace physical activity.

Make a deal…

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